Celebrating Over 40 Years!

Turning forty is a big milestone in every person’s life.  At this point we’ve had enough experience that we know what and who are important to us.  We’ve learned many things from the missteps we’ve taken, been enriched by the relationships we’ve made and are able to see with greater clarity our true selves and what our path of destiny may be.

A company turning forty is much the same.  As MSA enters its fortieth year, we look back with reflection on the wonderful projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on and the truly amazing clients, partners and co-workers we’ve had the chance to engage, learn and grow with.  We also take this moment to look ahead to a bright future using the lessons learned and a rich, diverse team we have. 

We want to thank everyone that has helped make MSA the successful firm that it is today and look forward to another 40 years to come.