Looking to create your dream office space? MSA is here to help

Time to select a real estate broker and take tours of the top locations with us by your side.  Once you choose your top 3 spots, MSA will then get busy creating a test fit to see which space works best for your new HQ.

For over 40 years, MSA has specialized in workplace/ high-tech office architecture and design for projects in Oakland, San Francisco and nationwide.

Workspace is steadily shifting from a place of “me” to spaces of “we.”
MSA understands and recognizes that group work is central to successful
years of business and creates unique solutions to offer effective collaborative spaces.

We feel your project has a story to be told. Brand elements should be embraced and highlighted in
the master planning. MSA spends significant time and resources on the front end of all of our projects
to understand the history of your company and how to incorporate that history into your modernized
design, helping our client move forward into the next chapter of their success.

Our experience includes creating innovative and collaborative workplaces that promotes a sense of community. We focus on durable, environmentally friendly materials that are energy efficient.
Believing that aesthetics are not incidental, but integral to every environment.