5 Steps To Finding Your Way With MSA:

  1. First, hire the right architecture + design firm... we highly recommend ourselves!
  2. Secondly, tell us how many employees you currently have and your general expected growth rate.

  3. Decide if your company's heart is set on a certain location in San Francisco like SoMa, Mid-Market or FiDi and if being close to public transportation is important to you.
  4. With our help, we can then walk through your specific office needs.
    • Does your company require private offices, conference rooms or phone rooms?
    • Do you want to create a benching system for your employees?
    • Would you like to add a fun game room or break room?
  5. And last but not least, determine your budget for the new space and let us know.

Time to select a real estate broker and take tours of the top locations with us by your side.  Once you choose your top 3 spots, MSA will then get busy creating a test fit to see which space works best for your new HQ.