Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling

BIM is an important part of MSA’s high quality of work.

It’s a highly collaborative process that lets our clients and MSA team members collaborate on the planning, design and construction of a project within one 3D Model. 

The most powerful aspect of BIM lies in the information that is stored in the model, where it can improve accuracy and improve design intent from an idea to reality. It contains data that our clients have access to, that allows us to make design decisions derived from the model to make the construction of the building highly efficient by reducing construction waste.

44 Montgomery-12.jpg
44 Montgomery-10.jpg

By working in a BIM environment it improves collaboration throughout all disciplines and phases throughout a project where it can reduce change orders, field coordination issues and also provide insight to an existing building for future renovation projects.


Thank you, 2018

Thank you, 2018


Now that we’re into 2019, we look back on some of our best-loved projects & events from 2018 .

Thank You For Coming To Our Party

Thank You For Coming To Our Party

I believe we had as many as 200 people here Thursday night for our annual Patio Party. The last of the guests left at around 10pm. We were delighted so many people made the effort to come and help us celebrate another year of success.

MSA Open House 2018-0833.jpg
MSA Open House 2018-0753.jpg
MSA Open House 2018-0746.jpg

Then there was the whole keg situation. Thank you Original Pattern Brewing Co. your beer is fantastic!

MSA Open House 2018-0762.jpg
MSA Open House 2018-0765.jpg

Thank you to Iris for taking pictures of the event.

MSA Open House 2018-0844.jpg
MSA Open House 2018-0856.jpg


The best thing about these parties is that we all get the chance to get to know each other a little bit better.

MSA Open House 2018-0818.jpg
MSA Open House 2018-0835.jpg
MSA Open House 2018-0806.jpg
MSA Open House 2018-0799.jpg

Our Team is Growing

Our Team is Growing

MSA is growing!
In the past few months we've added to our stellar team.

Oakland, CA

Oakland, CA

We're pleased to introduce our team members.

Steve Nelson sr. architect

Steve Nelson
sr. architect

Kane Chac designer

Kane Chac

Iris IP project manager

Iris IP
project manager

Mhalu Soriano designer

Mhalu Soriano

Elizabeth Paredes assistant designer

Elizabeth Paredes
assistant designer

Lucy Bermudez designer

Lucy Bermudez

Dzien Nguyen architect  

Dzien Nguyen

Rich Furigay BIM manager

Rich Furigay
BIM manager

Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference

Hospitality Design Exposition & Conference

The MSA hospitality team at HD Expo 2018
Mandalay Bay, Las Vegas

HD Expo brings interior designers, architects and developers together to access the most innovative available resources for their hospitality projects. The show includes conference sessions led by specialists and industry thought leaders sharing their invaluable insights into the industry and trends.




Save the Date

Save the Date

Join us for our 2018 summer patio party

Invitations to follow


Happy Holidays 2017 from MSA

Happy Holidays 2017 from MSA

Sending you the warmest of wishes
for a Holiday filled with
family and friends & love and laughter.
Best wishes for a peaceful New Year.


Juice Served Here | Joe & The Juice

Juice Served Here | Joe & The Juice

Market Street, San Fancisco

Market Street, San Fancisco

Market Street, San Franciscio

Market Street, San Franciscio

Filmore Street, San Francisco

Filmore Street, San Francisco

I LOVE Joe & the Juice. I became obsessed with ginger shots earlier this year. It has become a tradition to drink one before potential client meetings. 
The spaces are awesome. Our MSA team really did some fantastic work on these locations... I love the combination of clean, bright white, lighting, artwork, and the bold graphic menu. 

I finally visited the store newest store this weekend on Filmore...such a good space with delicious juices and healthy food options. Have you tried their juices?  Have a favorite?

JJ Burlingame-3890.jpg
JJ Burlingame-4164.jpg
JJ Burlingame-3892.jpg
JJ Burlingame-3934.jpg

MSA Team Excursion

MSA Team Excursion


Our talented team of professionals deserve a chance to relax every now and then. We believe It is imperative for our company to consciously put an effort in building a strong company culture and positive work environment.

MSA's outing included lunch and wine tasting at Campovida. We tasted 4 different wines paired with our lunch, catered by Evntwrks. The food, wine and decor was nothing short of amazing and I would recommend both companies for future events.


Check out some other highlights from our  team excursion.


We started our day with
breakfast at Lake Chalet


Wandered through the Nature's Gift exhibit.

Then we headed off the Oakland Museum of California where we learned more about Kevin Roche and Dan Kiley.


Your project has a story to be told

Your project has a story to be told

Talk to us for business branding and identity solutions.

Poke Roll was opening a restaurant in San Ramon. They came to MSA for their new brand identity.


Brand elements should be embraced and highlighted in the master planning.


MSA spends significant time and resources on the front end of all of our projects to understand your company culture and how to incorporate that into a modernized design, helping our clients move forward into the next chapter of their success.

Check out the finished product here: POKE ROLL

Poke Roll is located at, 2005 Crow Canyon Pl #138, San Ramon, CA 94583



Reasons for hiring an architect while looking for a new office space

Reasons for hiring an architect while looking for a new office space

  • There is a series of metrics which is invaluable for analyzing the efficiency of any office space, both existing and planned spaces.
  • At first glance it may appear simple to list all the spaces needed, along with their respective sizes and arrive at a total square footage requirement; however, additional space should be allocated to account for hallways and circulation paths within your space. This can vary dramatically depending on how efficient a layout that can be accomplished within a given building footprint.
  • Allow room for growth. Optimally the new space should be sized to accommodate all the staff projected through the midterm in the lease, e.g. 30 people are expected on move-in and your firm should grow to 50 by the end of the lease.
  • Once you choose your top 3 spots, MSA will then get busy creating a test fit to see which space works best for your new HQ.

A little up front analysis and planning, through the help of a professional architect with experience in office planning, can go a long way in laying the necessary groundwork for a smooth transition to your new office.

Summer Happy Hour | Warriors Parade 2017

Summer Happy Hour | Warriors Parade 2017



MSA was lucky enough to have our Summer Happy Hour the same day as the Oakland Warriors Parade.  A big thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate. Here at MSA we're always excited to host events for our freinds and clients.

warriors paradeOAK

Special thanks to our friends at Donkey & Goat.

The wine selection was incredible

Barry's Bootcamp expansion at 333 Bush

Barry's Bootcamp expansion at 333 Bush

Barry’s Bootcamp

We are thrilled to announce our newest
expansion of Barry’s in San Francisco's
Financial District.

“It was extremely important for us to find a central location that would afford both existing and new clients the opportunity to regularly and easily experience Barry’s. We look forward to showcasing the new studio, which will give clients the option to enjoy an incredible workout and get right to the office or stay and hang with us for a while. Either way, we will continue to create a place where individuals can come together to become a part of the San Francisco Barry’s community. We are like a big family.”
— owner Adam Shane

You're Invited!





MSA architecture + design warmly invites you to join us Thursday, June 15th, from 5PM to 7PM.

As MSA looks back with reflection on the wonderful projects we’ve had the opportunity to work on and the truly amazing clients, partners and co-workers we’ve had the chance to engage, learn and grow with. We look forward to celebrating another year of design with you, our clients and colleagues. It’s our opportunity to catch up with you, to celebrate success, to reflect on past projects, and to joyfully celebrate the onset of summer.

We look forward to seeing you!

Please click here to RSVP.

Address: 360 22nd Street, Suite 800, Oakland, CA 94612

Below, we’ve gathered a few of our favorite moments from past MSA architecture + design celebrations. Enjoy!

MSA architecture + design Penthouse Patio

MSA architecture + design Penthouse Patio

Northern California APWA Project Awards




Today was the APWA Northern California Chapter Project Awards ceremony. MSA's Antioch Health Center, located in Contra Costa County won the best Structure (Between $5 & $25 Million) Award.

MSA performed the master planning and architectural design of this site in Antioch for development as two separate new buildings, the Antioch Health Center and Epic-Care Cancer Center. The Antioch Health Center Building is a 24,000 sq. ft. Antioch Health Center for CCHS, housing Children’s Behavioral Health and Adult Medical Care Clinic.

Shawn Square.jpg


Congratulations to our Project Architect Shawn Anderson!

 Another congratulations to the Developer Todd Berryhill, MarketOne Builders and Contra Costa County.

 Another congratulations to the Developer Todd Berryhill, MarketOne Builders and Contra Costa County.

California Energy Code changes 2017




Changes in the 2016 California Energy Code,
beginning January 1, 2017

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) and the California Energy Commission (CEC) have launched a Zero Net Energy Action Plan to build a self-sustaining market for all new commercial buildings to be net-zero energy by 2030. This is changing the way buildings are constructed in California.

After 30 years of construction, the CEC estimates that these savings will add up to the equivalent energy use of twelve large power plants.

The “path to ZNE” approach is a set of steps developed by PIET to address zero net energy projects for buildings and communities. This methodology was developed for projects aiming at significantly

The “path to ZNE” approach is a set of steps developed by PIET to address zero net energy projects for buildings and communities. This methodology was developed for projects aiming at significantly

Zero Net Energy is defined as: "The societal value of energy consumed by the building over the course of a typical year is less than or equal to the societal value of the on-site renewable energy generated."
Revised Zero Net Energy (ZNE) Definition
"In other words, a zero-net-energy building produces as much energy as it consumes, usually through a mix of high efficiency and clean onsite generation. The definition requires that a home create as much energy as it uses over the course of an entire year, rather than on a real-time basis."
— Paraphrased from:
California Wants All New Homes to Be Net Zero in 2020

Major commercial energy-savings improvements include:

  • High-performance walls: The standards would require increased wall insulation in most climate zones. These levels can be met with a variety of construction assemblies, including both 2x4 and 2x6 construction.
  • High-performance attics: The standards give builders the options to either increase attic sealing and insulation or move ducts into conditioned space (either by installing a ductless system or placing ductwork in parts of the home that are already heated and cooled).
  • High-performance lighting: The new standards will cut lighting energy in homes by almost half by requiring a high-efficacy bulb (such as a CFL or LED) in every socket. The standards also sets quality performance requirements to ensure that these bulbs meet consumer expectations. The standards provide builders flexibility by allowing screw-based bulbs for most socket-types.
  • Water heating: The new standards require the use of an instantaneous tankless gas water heater, which saves energy by heating water on demand rather than storing it in a tank, or one with equivalent energy performance.

MSA is available to discuss the process of meeting the California Energy Code for any building project. Please Do
not hesitate to contact us on current or future projects.

BARRY'S BOOTCAMP | 333 Bush Street




MSA's latest project, another Barry's Bootcamp expansion is almost complete!  The 5,800 square foot space at 333 Bush Street in the Financial District plans to open this spring 2017.

Barry’s Bootcamp new location at 333 Bush Street

Lauded as “The Best Workout in the World,” Barry's Bootcamp has been challenging patrons since 1998 and arrived in the Bay Area in 2014 with MSA executing the new locations.

The reception desk at Barry’s Bootcamp in the Marina

Barry's opened its first San Francisco location in SoMa near AT&T Park. A second location in the Marina on Lombard street and more expansions coming soon to the Bay Area.

Hospitality Design called the project "Instagrammable Fitness"!

This year, make your weaknesses your strengths!